Its basic arch-shaped structure, fragmented and seemingly irregular, is repeated at different scales, generating a fractal configuration .

Due to its elegance and functionality, the arch has been an essential element throughout history. It allows the vertical load to be supported by distributing the weight towards the extremities thus creating unique majestic openings and spaces.

A source of soft light hidden under the smallest arch, oriented towards the ground, bounces light in different directions depending on the ground surface. In this way, they manage to generate a play of shadows and light which contrasts with the curved interior surfaces of the lamp.

The concept of infinity opens the doors for the creation of different possibilities, being able to play with the scale and the number of fractal repetitions, thus creating fascinating structural design concept of infinite complexity.

Thus, PUIGMIGLIORE attempts to captivate this apparently chaotic, beautiful and repetitive essence that emanates from nature.


Shooting space: Studio SixNfive.
Photography: Julio Mesa.

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