Conceptually, our starting point was working with a local material that would allow us to handle it without depending on collaborators or third parties. Thus, it would be worthwhile for us working always with the same material and with sticks of the same scantling: 2x2cm pinewood laths. Lengths would always be of variable values.

Evoking the concept of working with this constant material, our objective was a neat, simple and efficient joining system. By forming crosses through these laths firmly joint together and apparently without joining elements, we could create a framework in the three directions of space and so be able to create surprisingly light structures.

By this way, it was possible to create a neat frame made of sticks, which would create a chiaroscuro crossed by light beams, thus generating screens in the shadow that would directly transport us to the habitat where this material comes from. It would be like a redundant design.

Made and assembled entirely by hand in our studio.

Available on comission, price upon request.

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